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Teeth Cleaning in Fort Saskatchewan

Regular Check Ups & Cleanings are important for long term oral health. All services performed by a general dentist.

Routine Family Dental Check Up & Cleaning Services

Whether you’re in the early years of life or enjoying your golden age, prioritizing preventive care is a key element of maintaining overall health. Just as routine check-ups are vital for your general well-being, regular dental appointments, occurring once or twice a year, play a crucial role in identifying and treating potential issues at an early stage. This proactive approach allows us to address concerns before they become chronic, impacting other aspects of your health.

Despite the acknowledged significance of these appointments, they are sometimes overlooked. Unfortunately, neglecting these regular check-ups may result in seeking dental care only when symptoms of disease or infection become intolerable. While not every dental issue can be completely avoided through regular maintenance and home care routines, the majority of common problems like cavities can be effectively managed with consistent visits to your dentist.

Check Ups & Cleanings

Maintaining Oral Health with Teeth Cleaning

Before your professional cleaning, the annual checkup stands as a vital step in maintaining the health of your mouth. It’s crucial to perceive your teeth as living entities, not merely inanimate components of your physiology. Much like the rest of your body, your teeth are alive, receiving both blood supply and nerve stimulation through their core. Recognizing this vitality is significant because issues left unattended could potentially impact your blood supply and nerves, extending the consequences to other parts of your body through the circulatory system. Early detection is key to preventing such complications.



Decay, gum recession, and various other considerations are carefully identified during this process, while the well-being of the soft tissues—comprising the cheeks, lips, and tongue—is thoroughly evaluated. Utilizing a specialized light, your dentist can delve beneath the surface to examine what’s happening beneath the skin. The examination extends to the effectiveness and alignment of your bite, with a focus on assessing the temporomandibular joint responsible for the opening and closing of the mouth. Your dentist will also request updates to your file, including any changes in medication or overall health. It’s crucial to provide a comprehensive list of all medications and report any recent diagnoses for a comprehensive understanding of your health status.


Although your dentist can visually identify most concerns, issues developing beneath the tooth’s surface might be asymptomatic, meaning they progress without noticeable symptoms. Patients might remain unaware until noticeable changes, such as teeth drifting or swelling, occur. To ensure comprehensive coverage, your dentist initiates the checkup by visually examining the health of your teeth and tissues under a bright light. Each tooth’s condition is meticulously reviewed and documented, establishing a baseline for tracking changes over time and enabling early intervention when necessary.

To further ensure a comprehensive assessment, a digital X-ray will be taken to unveil any concealed concerns. These images provide your dentist with a detailed view of potential decay between the teeth, the state of the root structures, and the condition of your jawbone. Following the thorough examination of your oral health, your dentist will provide an opportunity for debriefing and addressing any questions you may have. If any recommended procedures are identified, they will be outlined and discussed, or you may receive the reassuring news of an all-clear status.

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Providing you with maximum level of comfort & professionalism in every visit! All services performed by a general dentist.

Dental Cleaning Process

Professional dental cleaning is carried out by our highly trained dental hygienists, experts in the delicate art of scaling teeth to remove calcified tartar without harming your enamel. This is crucial because tartar can irritate your gum tissue and contribute to the discoloration of your teeth. Consistent plaque removal through twice-daily brushing is your primary defense against tartar buildup, and don’t forget to floss!

The cleaning process begins with the hygienist using a specialized tool to scale the teeth. Following this, your teeth will be polished using a slightly gritty paste, smoothing the surface and eliminating superficial staining. The importance of smooth teeth lies in the difficulty for plaque to adhere to a smooth surface compared to a rough one laden with tartar. Your hygienist may also floss your teeth, providing feedback on how to enhance your at-home dental routine. (Keep an eye out for bleeding during flossing, a sign that more regular flossing is needed!)

To complete the cleaning process, a fluoride treatment will be offered. Fluoride plays a key role in fortifying enamel and helping your teeth resist decay. The fluoride treatment involves placing the product into foam trays, which remain in your mouth for approximately one minute before removal. Your hygienist will advise you to refrain from eating or drinking for thirty minutes after the appointment, allowing the full benefits of the fluoride to take effect.

Your dentist will recommend a specific frequency of appointments based on your age and oral health circumstances. It’s advisable to schedule your next appointment before leaving the dentist’s office to prevent it from being overlooked or delayed.

For additional information on this service or any other offerings by our general dentist, feel free to contact our clinic today. We are here to address any queries and provide the best possible care for your oral health.

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